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SCOREBOARD   2017-2018 Season

WIN a Trophy
Welcome to the CollegeRumble Trophy Room! See who is winning! Your College or Your Rivals?
This Could Be You!
Now is your chance to Beat Your Rivals and Win a Championship for your college in "Anything College"-related!
The Best Tailgaters??
Are these guys the Best Tailgaters or are You! To Battle your Rivals in CollegeRumble's Best Tailgater Rumble, TWEET @CollegeRumble #CollegeRumbleTailgate
Best Back To College
Who's the Best / Worst at Getting Back To College? You vs. Them #CollegeRumbleBTC
WIN Best Dorm Room
Win this Best Dorm Room Decor Trophy for yourself and for your College. Beat your Rivals!
WIN Best Fan Cheer
If you have the Best Cheer By a Fan/Fans, you WIN a CollegeRumble Trophy for you and your College!
Battle on Twitter! CollegeRumble Battles go down on Twitter! Use the #
Best Student Section
If your College has a Better Student Section than your Rivals, you could win your college a CollegeRumble Battle Trophy! Tweet @CollegeRumble #CollegeRumbleStudentSection
Win more Trophies than your Rivals.
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